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DD-221S Professional hard drive duplicator

Model: DD-221S

SATA: 2 - target

The latest small-capacity hard drive duplicator (or so-called hard disc copier/hard disc copy machine/HDD cloner) released in July, 2011, DD-221S inherited the good tradition of its previous model DD-221, becoming the most powerful machine for those people who need desperately the fantastic service from such professional HDD duplicator (HDD copier/HDD cloner/HDD copy machine) but only with small volume of duplication/data backup requirement.

Provide with duplication service for SATA bus, DD-221S indeed helps customer to get versatile function on one machine,reducing the investment greatly. More detail of functions will be introucded below:


Variety of interface provided SATA bus provided to support the major requirement of duplication service (hard disc copy), suitable for those users who need to handle SATA bus duplication in their LAB, office, school, etc. To teacher, MIS of business enterprise, software engineer, such DD-221S is most suitable for small and quick duplication, upon different requirement and yet, the data transfer between different bus hard disc copy is possible.

Functionality and versatilityUsers of hard drive duplicator always wish to finish the hard disc copy as soon as possible. The Quick copy function on DD-221S can satisfy such requirement easily. The Microsoft Windows system such as Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7 , Linux, Apple Mac OS X, etc., are all available to be copied via Quick copy function that only the data area (including the hidden partition) will be copied onto target hard drives, leaving the free space untouched to save time. Through Quick copy function, the duplication from smaller master onto larger capacity of targets is also available, even mixing of different capacity of targets within one operation. Another sophisticated Block copy function will do more flexible data copy for unknown OS system.

Upgradable firmware DD-221S's firrmware can be easily upgraded through CD/DVD-ROM reader, or hard drive.

Modular and compact design DD-221S is designed with principle of simplicity. With few parts in it and each of them can be identified for defectiveness easily and thus to make the after sales service easy than ever. WIth compact shape, DD-221S is small and yet light for everyone's easy carrying.

Monitoring from PC The operation status and information on DD-221S can be monitored via RS-232 connection between DD-221S and PC. Through the bundled software "Hyper-terminal" within WIndows XP, users can monitor all the operation from PC and yet save the message as logfile for trouble-shooting. Any technique support all over the world can be done remotely and easily.

Power control The power for hard drives is always under DD-221S's control. Whenever the operation on DD-221S is finished normally, abortion due to trouble detected or manual termination in the half way of operation, the power supplied to hard drives will be terminated safely, offering the best security to those hard drives connected on machine and avoiding the damage to hard drives themselves.

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