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DD-6000 Professional SCSI hard drive duplicator

Model: DD-6000

BUS: 5 - target, SCSI

As the medium-capacity SCSI hard drive duplicator (HDD copier/HDD cloner/hard disc copy machine), DD-6000 performs reliable and durable hard disc copy with reasonable cost. And yet, with its versatility, many different kinds of SCSI hard drive such as SCSI-I 50-pin, SCSI-II 68-pin, TBA 40-pin and SCA 80-pin SCSI hard drives can all be duplicated. Though the SCSI bus is not the modern and popular interface in the current market for personal PC users,but it sure is the main frame in the high-end server for light-, medium- and heavy-duty application.

Varible SCSI compatibility SCSI bus device has been evolving for several generations. With higher cost, the SCSI bus devices are always made to be high reliability, strong durability and yet , with best performance. There are already many different SCSI products with different SCSI spec. such as SCSI-I, SCSI-II and Ultra160, Ultra320, etc. Except the latest SAS, DD-6000 can duplicate all the different generations without problem. Total up to 5 SCSI targets can be duplicated at same time, providing the medium volume of mass production of hard disc copy.

Functionality and versatilityUsers of hard drive duplicator always wish to finish the hard disc copy as soon as possible. The Quick copy function on DD-6000 can satisfy such requirement easily. The Microsoft Windows system such as Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista , Linux, Apple Mac OS X, etc., are all available to be copied via Quick copy function that only the data area (including the hidden partition) will be copied onto target hard drives, leaving the free space untouched to save time. Through Quick copy function, the duplication from smaller master onto larger capacity of targets is also available, even mixing of different capacity of targets within one operation.

Upgradable firmware DD-6000's firrmware can be easily upgraded through SCSI CD/DVD-ROM reader/writer or SCSI hard drive. With this feature, customers can always relax for their DD-6000 once if there is trouble of usage in the future, especially those troubles caused by SCSI hardware incompatibility.

Modular and compact design DD-6000 is designed with principle of simplicity. With few parts in it and each of them can be identified for defectiveness easily and thus to make the after sales service easy than ever.

Monitoring from PC The operation status and information on DD-6000 can be monitored via RS-232 connection between DD-6000 and PC. Through the bundled software "Hyper-terminal" within WIndows XP, users can monitor all the operation from PC and yet save the message as logfile for trouble-shooting. Any technique support all over the world can be done remotely and easily.

Power control The power for hard drives is always under DD-6000's control. Whenever the operation on DD-6000 is finished normally, abortion due to trouble detected or manual termination in the half way of operation, the power supplied to hard drives will be terminated safely, offering the best security to those hard drives connected on machine and avoiding the damage to hard drives themselves.

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