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DVD-688 Professional IDE duplicating controller card

Model: DVD-688

BUS: IDE; Target: 10 ports

The last generation of CD/DVD/BD controller card (CD/DVD/BD copy card) for IDE bus CD/DVD/BD writer. Due to transition of interface on PC from IDE to SATA bus, all the CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc writers available in the market are all converted into SATA bus. DVD-688 will be the last one of Wytron's controller card in IDE bus interface to do CD copy, DVD copy or even BD copy via using the rare IDE bus writer.


Independent design Provide ten fully independent UltraDMA channels for ten ports on-board to connect up to 10 targets of CD/DVD/BD writer for max. burning speed of 20X in CD/DVD/BD writing (CD copy/DVD copy/BD copy). In addition, one extra independent port is equipped for master reading, either for hard drive or CD/DVD-ROM reader's connection. Both the hard drives and CD/DVD-ROM reader chained together at this port is also available. To reach highest buring speed, Wytron suggests to use the hard drive as master and thus the ROM reader can be omitted to save cost.

High stability and durabilityInherited with Wytron's best tradition, DVD-688 is designed and produced to be a product with high reliability and durability. DVD-688 can work continuously in CD copy, DVD copy and BD copy for hours all day long without failure. And after day by day of usage, you may find that the writers connected with DVD-688 might be replaced for several runs but the DVD-688 is still there, work normally and quietly for you. Compared to the short life of those competitors' control cards, the high durability of DVD-688 is so impressive and it is absolutely worthy to be the controller card of your duplicator.

Upgradable firmware BIOS firrmware can be easily upgraded to suit the latest CD/DVD/BD writers released in the market. "One ring to rule all", Wytron's controller card is always fitted with one universal BIOS that suitable for all writers it supports and is not releasing special firmware for specific writer to cause inconvenience for customers, unlike the way of one firmware for one writer in the competitor's controller card.

EfficiencyDVD-688 equips with 64MB of DDR-SDRAM memory. Through the good programming, the limited memory buffer is used effectively and efficiently, much better than those competitior's controller cards which equipped with much more memory size but without doing anything good, just wasting money and the cost.

Monitoring from PC Two RS-232 ports built-in, one is for monitoring and the other for automatical disc feeding device (or so-called autoloader). Operation status and information on controller card can be monitored via RS-232 connection between controller card and PC. Through the "Hyper-terminal" within WIndows XP, users can monitor all the operation from PC and yet save the message as logfile for trouble-shooting. Technique support all over the world can be done remotely and easily.

High compatibility with writers Max. connection compatibility for CD/DVD writers in the market such as Pioneer, Asus, BenQ, LG, Lite-ON, NEC, Sony, etc. All are available for DVD-688 and there is no special firmware required to connect any specific writer. Blu-ray writers are also supported directly. No special firmware or additional cost is needed.

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