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FD-312 Professional floppy disc duplicator

Model: FD-312

Target: 12 ports

The most traditional floppy disc duplicator (disc copier) in manual operation for mass production of duplicating the floppy disc, the first popular media storage device for data storage, device driver or the application software for distribution.



Semi-automatic operation When the floppy disc is inserted into the FD-312 manually, the operation selected will be started immediately since each port on FD-312 is isolated and independent and will run itself till the operation is finished and waits to be removed for another run of operation.

Fast in mass productionEach write step on FD-312 is measured & designed wisely and no wasted process at all during whole floppy disc copy operation to gain the max. write speed. Furthermore, with Wytron's unique techniqe, the write speed of 3.5" floppy drive can be increased up to 20% of performance better than normal 3.5" floppy drive and so the overall performance can be 20% faster than standard speed.

FunctionalityThere are several functions available in machine for user's selection such as Copy, Compare, Verify, etc. In addition, FD-312 provides the special feature of 32 bits CRC checksum during operation. This unique feature can be used as checking the identity of each duplication. As long as the value of checksum is same, the duplication (floppy disc copy) will be treated as 100% identical. Whenever master disc is loaded, the checksum will be calculated for user's self-identifying.

Modular design FD-312 is designed with principle of simplicity and there are only few parts included such as motherboard, floppy drives, control box and case/power supply unit. Except the floppy drives, all parts are proved to be durable and can last long period for operation. Even the floppy drives are defective, users can source them in local and replace those drives by themselves.

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