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慧全电脑实业股份有限公司 -- 公司简介

Wytron Technology was established in 1989 in the field of duplication business. Since initial inception Wytron has grown steadily and today is expert in the area of duplication with well over 19 years of experience.

Over the last few years, like many Technology companies, Wytron has faced strong competition. Many of her competitors were reporting great success stories and Wytron seriously considered moving into other areas. However, after careful thought, Wytron remained in the duplication arena after deciding to build on its strengths and expertise.

Wytron invested heavily in staff and product R&D. This resulted in a product range covering floppy disc duplicators , hard drive duplicators , CD duplicators , DVD duplicators , Blu-Ray duplicators etc. After listening to our customers, we honed and refined our products to provide a set of professional quality products that fulfill, or exceed, customer expectations.

With a consistent customer-facing attitude and product enhancement cycle, it is no surprise that the Wytron brand name has become legendary and is now associated with Quality & Reliability. It is the choice of the professional.

Unfortunately, without this attitude, many of our competitors - whom had previously enjoyed apparent huge successes - have now failed. Surviving competitors enviously look on at our strong position.

Today, Wytron is a market leader in duplication but she remains unsatisfied in her desire to be the best. Wytron continues to improve her existing products in terms of features & quality and continues to invest heavily in the latest techniques, Technology and product Development. This will ensure our future success.


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Tel: 886 - 2 - 2662-6499 Fax: 886 - 2 - 2662-6214
http://www.wytron.com.tw, e-mail: wytron@wytron.com.tw

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