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TA-2200 Professional SATA hard drive duplicator

Model: TA-2200


Target: 14 ports, total 15 ports

The TA-2200, latest hard drive duplicator (HDD copier/HDD cloner) released in January of 2008, an evolving version of TA-2000 SATA duplicator that using the hot-swap drive bay to make the easy connection between SATA hard drive and machine, improving the connection by SATA cable manually. The installation of hard drive is so easy as to just slide in the hard drive into the drive bay, close the door and then the hard drive will be forced in and the SATA connection behind it will be done automatically. Take out the hard drive from drive bay is also as easy as you can imagine, open the door of drive bay and then the SATA hard drive will be ejected and forced out, SATA connection behind it will be disconnected automatically.

The standard hot-swap drive bay is for 3.5" type and when users need to copy 2.5" SATA hard drive, the 3.5" to 2.5" housing adapter must be installed within the 3.5" drive bay to suit the size of 2.5" SATA hard drive. Due to dedicaed purpose of copying SATA hard drive, it is not recommended to copy any other devices with different BUS on TA-2200 SATA duplicator, such as those IDE hard drive, ZIF-type hard drive, etc. Except this issue, all the function on TA-2200 will be exactly the same as that on TA-2000 SATA duplicator. (Picture of slide in the hard drive in hot-swap drive bay on TA-2200)

The birth of TA-2200 improves the traditional manual plug/unplug of hard drive into unified/consistent connection and thus many troubles caused by manual operation such as inconsistent connection each time would be solved.

Ultra FastPure SATA bus interface, the latest industrial standard in PC field, suitable for those latest SATA hard drives in the market. Equipped with up to 9GB per minute of data transfer bandwidth, provide the fastest SATA platform for SATA HDD duplication (hard disk copy). Up to truly tested 90MB per second of writing speed for latest hard drive on TA-2200 SATA duplicator, the usage would be always an enjoyment for customers to see the quick operation in a snap. But be noted, due to natural feature of circular storage inside the hard drive, accessing speed in inner circle of hard drive will be slower than that of outer circle.

Filing the master In traditional hard drive duplication (hard disk copy), the PC makers must keep as many masters as they could, to satisfy their requirement for different orders from different customers. And as long as those orders are still running, those master hard drives are needed all the way. Due to this reality, the number of master will be increased incredibly and may become a disaster for PC makers for keeping them save. To eliminate such nightmare for PC makers, TA-2200 solves the trouble by providing the DD image function that uses a “Big Master” to store the data of each master as file. Users can select the file in this “Big master” as selecting/installing the master hard drive physically and thus the nightmare of too many master hard drives will disappear forever.

Maximum capacity secured by power auto-control With total 15 ports on machine, TA-2200 offers 1 port master for reading and 14 ports for target hard drive, derive from traditional operation on old HDD duplicator. With such big capacity, users can have random target number from 1 up to 14 targets copied within one single operation, having max. number of copy capability and thus save your cost by reducing the number of machine for cost-effective investment. In addition, all hard drives on machine are operated in power-auto control environment, once if the operation is finished normally or trouble detected in the middle of operation or, even abort manually, the power will be terminated automatically, providing the best security to those hard drives connected.

Functionality and versatility Users of hard drive duplicator always wish to finish the duplication (hard disk copy) as soon as possible. TA-2200's Quick copy function can satisfy such requirement easily. The Microsoft Windows system such as Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista , Linux, Apple Mac OS X, etc., are all available to be copied via Quick copy function that only the data area (including the hidden partition) will be copied onto target hard drives, leaving the free space untouched to save time. Through Quick copy function, the duplication from smaller master onto larger capacity of targets is also available, even mixing different capacity of targets within one operation. More sophisticated copy function such as Block copy, Intelligent Block Copy will do more flexible range/data copy for unknown OS system, providing users the flexibility to reach their own special requirement.

RAID (0 & 1) group copy capability With advanced and innovative hardware design, TA-2200 delivers the extraordinary feature other than the tradition of one master & multi-target operation which is, the RAID support with multi-master available. This magnificent function will copy the RAID group in one operation and will have several group of copied target RAID system completed. By activating the RAID support function, TA-2200 is able to install 2 pcs of master hard drive (RAID0 mode) and copy 6 sets of RAID0 system within one operation. For RAID1, users can even have up to 7 sets of target RAID1 copied and completed within single operation. Optional RAID5 or RAID10 is also provided to offer the capability of installing up to 4 pcs of master.

Effective HDD cooling system & modular design To improve the handling way of hard drive more easier, TA-2200 uses the hot-swap drive bay to hold the hard drive and user just needs to slide in the hard drive into drive bay and close the door, the SATA connection will then be done automatically. On the contrary, when open the door of drive bay, the hard drive will be forced out and the SATA connection will be disconnected. Such installation improves greatly the troublesome & manual connection of SATA cable by operator. In order to cool off the hard drives during the operation, TA-2200 equips with 4 big powered cooling fans at rear side of machine to establish the air-flow and thus the cooling can be done in whole operation so the external cooling device is not necessary and even the air-conditioning environment would not be a necessity. Nevertheless, despite the powerful features, TA-2200 is designed with principle of simplicity. With few parts in it and each of them can be identified for defectiveness easily and thus to make the after sales service easier than ever.

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