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We thank you for visiting this website for TECHNIQUE SUPPORT. There are some issues that users need to know first to avoid mistake or wasting of time in communication with Wytron that lack of providing sufficient information of troubles on their machines. Without full comprehension of status for defective machine, Wytron cannot help customers to solve those troubles at all. So, providing 100% information that required by Wytron would be a necessary task for users and as soon as those information are advised to Wytron, the accurate troubleshooting then can be proceeded. Different requirement for different product is needed to be advised and so please read carefully below respective item and respond correctly. Wytron appreciates a request for Technique Support that included with full detailed information for indentification. In this way, Wytron can identify and study what solution those customers will need to solve those troubles in soonest.


1. For Hard Drive Duplicator and Memory Card Duplicator

Each Wytron's hard drive duplicator or memory card duplicator equips with standard RS-232 interface on machine. Via this interface, user can get monitoring from remote PC to get full operation message and store it as logfile. By sending this logfile, Wytron will then know what is the real situation happening within customer's machine and then suggest or request customer how to solve the trouble they are running into. Some situations cannot be explained verbally and normally, the detailed situation cannot be understood from words but only from inside of operation. This is the reason why Wytron will need the logfile during troublesome operation on machine for study. How to get the logfile correctly recorded can be checked from operation manual and if you don't know it, please check it immediately and start to learn how to do it. If you don't have the operation manual and need from Wytron the electrical document, please provide legal identification such as product's model number and its serial number to prove yourself as genuine customer for Wytron.

Except the logfile mentioned above, model number and the serial number of the defective machine or for the machine you are checking for technique support must be provided, also the breif description of failure or for what you want to check about. Send them all to Wytron through e-mail.


2. For CD/DVD Duplicating Controller Card

Being one of the major providers for controller cards, Wytron's controller cards have been successfully using in many CD/DVD duplicators all over the world for quite a long time. But, most of such sales are done by agents or distributors themeselves which are assembling the complete set of duplicator with Wytron's controller card for their own sales in their local territory. Due to this fact, Wytron doesn't know at all what users' duplicator will contain and thus, user must inform Wytron those devices that included in their duplicators such as controller card's model, brand/model/number of writers, CD/DVD-ROM reader, power watt of PSU and hard drive (if there is one) , also the description of trouble the duplicator is running into. With all these information, Wytron then can evaluate the trouble for customers and provide the most appropriate solution for customers to help them out. In addition, the barcode serial number stuck among the slots on controller card is what Wytron relies on for service. Without this number, the warranty from Wytron will be lost due to violation of warranty term.

Include all the information mentioned above and send them to Wytron through e-mail for requiesting of Technique Support.


3. For Floppy Disc Duplicator

Model number, serial number of floppy disc duplicator need to be advised first in requesting the Technique Support for Wytron's floppy disc duplicator, plus the description of trouble and send them to Wytron through e-mail.


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