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USB-1000 USB Pendrive duplicator

Model: USB-1000

Media: USB x 10 ports

The dedicated USB pen-drive type memory card duplicator (or USB memory disc copier) released in 2007 is outstanding duplicating facility that suitable for the duplication of USB pen-drive memory card. With advanced design, USB-1000 features with many extraordinary function to suit many different kinds of USB pen-drive memory card copy in the market and thus the compatibility issue can be minimized to lowest.

Compare to similar products in the market, the USB-1000 is built-in with independent channel to run independently for each port so as to increase the running speed of USB copy to max. to reach best performance among all the products. It is suggested not to make the decision of purchasing before visiting this site to check the USB-1000 personally.

Ultra FastWith extraordinary design, USB-1000 features with 720MB transfer rate per minute, providing the ultra fast platform for USB pen-drive duplication (USB copy). All ports on USB-1000 are truly independent and no matter copying one port or even max. up to 10 ports, the USB duplicating speed is same, unlike other products by using USB sharing bus which will drop the copying speed due to too many ports are used.

Powerful function provided In USB-1000, there are several useful function offered, depending on user's own choice for selection. Customer can copy their master USB entirely onto target USBs. For those custoemrs who need to identify the data integrity, Compare function is provided to check the data once again to make sure of 100% accuracy of copied data. Mixed function with copy and compare is also offered to simplify the operation procedure.

Power auto-control The power of USB ports will only be output when the operation is started. After finishing the USB copy, the power for USB ports will be terminated automatically to protect the USB pen drives from damage during removal of USB from machine. Though USB device is designed to be plug & play, owing to the experience of building duplication machines for nearly two decade, Wytron insists to offer the best protection to all the media duplicated on her duplicators and so the USB-1000 inherits this protection feature as well.

Upgradable firmware To make sure the machine can be suitable for future usage, USB-1000 features the firmware update function to ensure the investment of customers. Users can upgrade the firmware easily through "Update" function built-in in machine. This kind of upgrade is the most convenient tools for customers all over the world and it means, if there is trouble to use the machine at any cornor of the world, trouble can be solved through Internet supporting and the easy upgrade of BIOS on machine.

Filing the master The standard operation on USB-1000 is based on copying from hard drive to USB pen drive memory cards. So, the master data must be preloaded into hard drive before operation. In this way, master data will be preloaded and stored as a file in the hard drive. When USB copy is needed, bring the selected file as default and copy from hard drive to USB pen drive. Once there are many master files, user can select the file directly from the installed hard drive to copy his choosen master, saving the procedure of changing master USB on machine. All the master files stored in the hard drive can be renamed, deleted directly on USB-1000.

Modular design No complicated design in the machine and every parts in the machine is built as module. Users can locate the trouble easily when there is trouble in the machine and when getting the correct parts from Wytron, users can make the service easily by themselves, no sophisticated installation nor, trained technican needed.

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