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YA-2000 Professional SATA hard drive duplicator

Model: YA-1000

Bus: SAS/SATA; IDE: Option (via adapter)

Master x 1 port, x 2 ports or x 4 ports optionally

Target: 7 ports

Wytron's latest hard drive duplicator (HDD copier/HDD cloner) released in March 2010, model YA-1000, is an innovative, state-of-the-art prdouct that meets the Hi-Tech requirement in the HDD cloning market, satisfying all the duplication such as the general PC market (SATA) and also the leading server market (SAS), etc.

Establishing the industrial standard by evolving, innovation and inherited traditional functionality and reliability, YA-1000 delivers the most comfortable way of operation to their customers and all software duplication are done with satisfication of 100% accuracy, much faster speed, and mass production. Whenever there is requirement of hard disc copy, the YA-1000 will always be the first consideration among customers.


Ultra FastPure SAS bus interface that compatible with SATA, the latest industrial standard in PC field, suitable for those latest SAS/SATA hard drives in the market. Equipped with up to 18GB per minute of data transfer bandwidth (300MB / second), provide the fastest SAS/SATA platform for SAS/SATA HDD duplication (HDD disc copy). Up to truly tested 148MB per second of writing speed for latest SAS hard drive on YA-1000, the usage would be always an enjoyment for customers to see the quick operation in a snap. But be noted, due to natural feature of circular storage in hard drive, accessing speed in inner circle of hard drive will be slower than that of outer circle.

Functionality and versatility Users of hard drive duplicator always wish to finish the duplication as soon as possible. YA-1000's Quick copy function can satisfy such requirement easily. Microsoft Windows system such as Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista and latest Winodws 7, Linux, Apple Mac OS X, etc., are all available to be copied via Quick copy function that only the data area (including the hidden partition) will be copied onto target hard drives, leaving the free space untouched to save time. Through Quick copy function, the duplication from smaller master onto larger capacity of targets is also available, even mixing different capacity of targets within one operation. More sophisticated copy function such as Block copy, Intelligent Block Copy will do more flexible range/data copy for unknown OS system, providing users the flexibility to reach their own special requirement.

Maximum capacity secured by power auto-control With total 8 ports on machine, YA-1000 offers 1 port master reading and 7 ports for target hard drive, derive from traditional operation on old HDD duplicator. With such big capacity, users can have random target number from single up to 7 targets copied within one single operation, having max. number of copy capability and thus save your cost by reducing the number of machine for cost-effective investment. In addition, all hard drives on machine are operated in power-auto control environment, once if the operation is finished normally or trouble detected in the middle of operation or, even abort manually, the power will be terminated automatically, providing the best security to those hard drives connected.

Effective HDD cooling system & modular design Instead of placing those hard drives lying down on the platform of duplicators, YA-1000 improves such implement to standing-up of those hard drives. It is less space-occupied so as to make the size of YA-1000 more compact than other machines and users won't need to have big space for the working of YA-1000. In addition, 2 big powered fans built under those hard drives will cool those hard drives effectively during operation and thus the heat generated from hard drives themselves would be 100% cool down. So the external cooling device used before is not necessary and the air-conditioning environment would not be a necessity. Nevertheless, despite the powerful features, YA-1000 is designed with principle of simplicity. With few parts in it and each of them can be identified for defectiveness easily and thus to make the after sales service easy than ever.


RAID (0 & 1) group copy capability With advanced and innovative hardware design, YA-1000 delivers the extraordinary feature other than the tradition of one master & multi-target operation which is, the RAID support with multi-master available. This magnificent function will copy the RAID group in one operation and will have several group of copied target RAID system completed. By activating the RAID support function, YA-1000 is able to install 2 pcs of master hard drive (RAID#0 or RAID#1 mode) and copy 3 sets of RAID#0/RAID#1 system within one operation. Optional RAID5 or RAID10 is also provided to offer the capability of installing up to 4 pcs of master.

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